Security And Risk Management​

In a world where risks from theft, crime, terrorism, or hazards are evolving, Frontier Risk Solutions provides to its clients with peace of mind through robust recurity and risk management strategies to protect people, asset, and reputations

Training programs

Frontier risk solutions offers standard training packages that meet your requirements run by dedicated security professionals with extensive years of experience in the field of safety and security risk management. The trainings are designed efficiently and in different modalities that caters the client needs. Some of the trainings we offer as FRS are:

  • Personal Awareness Safety Training (PAST), this is an integrated course that covers all sorts of security approaches and is designed to provide people with tactical skills and knowledge in a bid to protect themselves and others in the event of crisis.

    • Critical Incident Management training, this course provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of an Incident Management Team (IMT) on equipping team with best practices that are useful in managing an incident response.
    • Guard Force Management Course, this course explores diverse subjects which includes roles and responsibilities, active shooter response, theft prevention and risk management. It is designed to equip security guards with the skills needed to handle emergencies.
    • First Aid Training in Emergencies, in collaboration with highly certified First Aid international and local Professionals, we deliver top notch first aid training that equips first responders with the knowledge to work on during crisis.

    Security Sector Reform Program

    Frontier Risk Solutions supports programs that include activities in support of reconciliation and peace building efforts, Local good governance, Justice programs, Stabilization, community security; and disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration (DDR).

    Armed, Unarmed And Static Guards

    Frontier Risk Solutions as a member of International Code of Conduct Association - ICoCA offers highly trained and well equipped armed and unarmed static security guards to United Nations agencies, humanitarian organizations, Diplomatic Missions and private businesses. Frontier Risk Solutions security personnels are trained on human rights and international humanitarian law and rules of use of force and rules of engagement according to United Nations security management standards and national laws.

    Peace Building Support

    Frontier Risk Solutions works closely with Federal Government of Somalia, Federal member states, local and international communities in their efforts to bring sustainable peace, prosperity and development into Somalia by providing expertise, knowledge, experience and skills in conflict prevention, peace building, conflict resolution, stabilization and good governance in conflict ridden regions of the country.

    Light Logistics

    Frontier Risk Solutions adds value to your business through efficient logistics processes. Frontier Risk Solutions meets each client's needs and improves their supply chain. Frontier Risk Solutions places importance on safety, quality, and accuracy while completing logistics solutions. Frontier Risk Solutions has a dedicated team that provides solutions that result from experience guiding logistics programs for clients. Our strategic logistics services can help you stay competitive, ensuring fast delivery and management consulting & training opportunities.

    Human Resources

    FRS human resources services are designed to provide institutions with dedicated and tailored support in managing and supporting all HR and employment processes, thereby allowing them time to focus on core business areas. FRS provides Human Resource services to Institutions of all sizes - small, medium, and large. Frontier Risk Solutions helps institutions address critical human resources outsourcing needs. Frontier Risk Solutions manages critical Human Resource recruiting processes in bringing significant operational excellence and seamless integrated HR services. Our human resource outsourcing services cover the entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding to retirement.

    Humanitarian Access Negotiations

    Frontier Risk Solutions provides Access negotiation to humanitarian organizations with State, and None-state armed actors in access constraint and inaccessible areas based on international humanitarian principles and other commonly acceptable traditional approaches without compromising international and national humanitarian principles to enable the humanitarian and development communities to reach the most affected population.

    Innovation And Growth

    Frontier Risk Solutions keeps an eye open on industry professionals and supplies to regularly review and expand the range of security and risk management solutions available to its clients and partners. We provide integrated security and risk management services. This gives our clients and partners a full confidence knowing they can deal with integrated security company that will act on optimum solutions.

    Professional Memberships

    • International Code of Conduct Association – ICoCA.
    • International Stability Operations Associations – ISOA.
    • European Bodyguard & Security Alliance (EBSA)
    • International Alliance of Security and Risk Management Company (MACAU)
    • Frontier Risk Solutions is a member of United Nations Global Compact and has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.


    For many years Frontier Risk Solutions has proven to be a strong trusted and reliable partner to many INGOs, LNGOs, UN Agencies, businesspeople, and residential customers small, medium and large. FRS offers tailored security and risk management solutions to its clients and partners. Our company is preferred and contracted by humanitarian organizations, business centers, and development communities. Our strong operating management structure is complemented by experienced reputable managers and a robust leadership team. our team has over decades of practical experience in the security and risk management industry.

    Armored B6, B7 Vehicles, Security Escorts

    Frontier Risk Solutions provides its clients with UN and EU standard B6 and B7 Armoured Vehicles with highly trained security Escorts that respect human Rights and International Humanitarian Laws while delivering high critical Missions to support Humanitarian Organizations reach most affected Populations. Frontier Risk Solutions knows and considers Security Budget constraints Humanitarian and Developmental Organizations face due to other life-saving priorities. Thus, Frontier Risk Solutions’ primary goal is to assist them with humanitarian Security Solutions.