Frontier Risk Solution

FRS is Somali registered private security and risk management company that aims to provide the best integrated services including security, risk management, logistics and human resources to governmental and nongovernmental institutions in Somalia. With a team of strong wide-ranging years of knowledge, experience in dynamic, fast-changing hostile environments. Frontier Risk Solutions is equipped with the right knowledge, experience and skills to solve your operation and strategic challenges, deliver services and value beyond any other service providers in Somalia. FRS meets the required national and international standards to fulfill its legal requirements, social responsibilities, due diligence and duty of care while supporting its clients with full confidence and high quality of service.
With crime rates increasing on noticeable scale on daily basis in Somalia,

robust security and risk management is extremely important for individuals and businesses, and our company precisely knows the need for security and risk management support in residential areas, government institutions, foreign missions, UN and NGO Compounds, critical infrastructures including Airports, Seaports, Oil and Gas sites.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute positively to achieving lasting peace, stability, and security in Somalia and the Horn of Africa.

Our Mission

Provide world-class services in security and risk management, while leveraging international standards and local knowledge.